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The Miriam Hospital gets $2.5M grant for substance abuse treatment for gay and bisexual black and Latino men

September 20, 2018

The Miriam Hospital will use a recent $2.5 million federal grant to partner with Project Weber/RENEW and the Rhode Island Public Health Institute in establishing Rhode Island’s first program providing substance use treatment services to gay and bisexual men who are black and Latino.


Van a donation in name of overdose victim

July 16, 2018

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Joseph Cintron had been struggling with addiction when he heard an outreach worker speak at his detox center last year.

Richard Holcomb is the founder and consultant with Project Weber/RENEW, a local nonprofit organization that helps addicted male, female and transgender people involved in street-level prostitution. He’s candid about his own battles with addiction, which have nearly killed him.


R.I. Foundation awards $50K to groups serving LGBTQ communities

July 22, 2016

The Rhode Island Foundation has awarded more than $50,000 in grants to seven nonprofit organizations that assist and support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities of Rhode Island. Grants are provided through the Equity Action Fund and the money awarded will fund services such as wellness programs and domestic violence prevention.


R.I. groups serving female and male prostitutes to merge

March 26, 2016

The people they serve are nearly invisible to the general public.

Eric Remy, of Project Weber, and Colleen Daley Ndoye, former director of Project Renew and the new director of the merged organization, talked about the needs of the people they serve, and how similar they are.


Overdose survivor gives AIDS Project Rhode Island workers a lesson in saving lives

July 16, 2015

On Thursday, Goyer, now 27 and an outreach worker for the nonprofit Project Weber, gave a group of staffers at AIDS Project Rhode Island a lesson about how to administer the life-saving medication.


Outreach workers say scarce supply of Narcan inhibits effort to save lives lost to drug overdoses

June 6, 2015

Down the block from a convenience store, the doors of a yellow van slide open and a team of outreach workers spills onto the sidewalk.


Midnight Cowboy

August 13, 2012

In 2007 after 10 years of injection drug use and professional sex work, Richard Holcomb tested positive for HIV. Today he is substance-free and helps other men engaged in sex work overcome the obstacles he encountered.

Holcomb created Project Weber, a harm reduction outreach program for homeless male sex workers in Providence, Rhode Island. As recently as 2009, selling sex indoors was still legal in Providence, making the town a magnet for male prostitution. Project Weber, named in remembrance of a young male sex worker murdered in 2003, provides HIV testing, condoms, sterile injection equipment and referrals for people with addiction.