Hustler of Providence

2015. A Documentary Film by Jonathan Paul

Cold case, good cause

December 18, 2013, Providence Phoenix 2013

Rich Holcomb's Project Weber Presentation

2013 Association of Nurses in AIDS Care annual conference in Tuscon, AZ 

Male Prostitution in Providence

October 31, 2011. The Anchor- the Rhode Island College newspaper

Do HIV/AIDS Service Organizations Effectively Reach Male Sex Works?

October 28, 2011. Edge Magazine, San Francisco

Former Male Prostitute Helps Hustlers Leave R.I. Streets

Streets October 19, 2011. Edge Magazine, Boston


Pictures from the viewing of Grauman Film's Invisible at Providence Place Cinema, and Texas.


Pride 2014

AIDS Walk 2013, 2014

Drop-In Center


Annual Events

Generations Event at The Dark Lady