Since 2008, Project Weber/RENEW has provided vital services
to high-risk people in Rhode Island.


Sexual Health Services:

HIV, HEP-C and Syphilis Testing

  • Testing is available at all of our locations. It’s fast (about 20 mins), free and confidential.

Safer Sex Materials

  • Condoms and lubricants are available at all our locations.
  • Safer-sex educational information is also available.

Harm Reduction

Needle Exchange

  • All locations offer a place to exchange used needles for clean, sterile needles for free.

Narcan & Overdose Prevention

  • Staff are trained to distribute Narcan to stop the effects of an Opioid overdose.
  • Overdose training and kits are also available. Get more information.

Recovery Support


  • Recovery coaching is available at all three of our locations. Our staff members who are also in recovery can be a great resource and support.


  • If you're feeling ready to enter a detox program, visit any of our locations and let our staff walk you through the details and support your process of enrolling. 

Transgender Outreach Team

Transition Support

  • Our dedicated staff can assist with finding trans*-friendly doctors and therapists, assist with getting gender markers changed on ID's and legal documents and resources for safe housing.

Support Group

  • We offer a weekly support group for high-risk transgender people. This includes those struggling with mental health issues, domestic violence and those that are HIV+.

Additional Services

Street Outreach | Substance Abuse Counseling

Housing & Healthcare Referrals | Food/Shelter | Community Education